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Marina Vasilara is Director of Global Digital Communication and E-Commerce in APIVITA, an innovative natural cosmetics company. APIVITA has been a member company of the PUIG Group since 2017 and has a worldwide distribution and a presence in 55 countries.

She is in charge of APIVITA global digital strategy, communication and online sales including 9 DTC e-shops, for which the team was awarded with the 2022 e-volution award in international e-commerce.

In 2022 she was re-elected for another two years as a Secretary General of the Greek e-Commerce Association, a member of E-commerce Europe, the Pan-European Body of E-commerce.

Marina has 20+ years of combined experience in e-commerce and digital marketing in various companies. Her track record includes development and execution of e-business strategy, cross border e-commerce, digital communication and PR, 360 digital campaigns for new product and country launches and building multiple large scale digital projects and platforms from scratch.

She frequently participates as a lecturer in e-commerce and digital communication workshops and events.

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