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Emin İmer joined the Hepsiburada family in June 2022 as HepsiGlobal General Manager. Prior to that, he was the Chief Strategy & Growth officer at another international e-commerce company for several years where he managed Strategy, BI & Data, Market Expansion, Global Sales and Marketing functions.

Emin, started his career at Forte Consultancy Group in Dubai, made significant contributions to OC&C Strategy Consultants, Oliver Wyman, Peppers & Rogers Group and Monitor Deloitte companies in the field of management consultancy in many international projects at various levels.

Prior to his E-commerce career, Emin İmer worked as a management consultant in the fields of strategy, operation models, sales & marketing, customer analytics, digital transformation and M&A to telecommunications and technology, financial services, automotive, airlines and government institutions, especially the retail, consumer products and manufacturing sectors.

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